About Us

The Blue Hotline
The Blue Hotline is home of the Billion Gallon Challenge, a local water-conservation movement with a global message about taking responsibility. Our main mission with the Billion Gallon Challenge is to help our communities save water, which leads to savings in energy and fewer greenhouse gas emissions, known as GHG.

By creating TheBlueHotline.com as a place for Californians to share what we’ve learned first-hand about living a water-smart life, the Billion Gallon Challenge makes learning and sharing fun. In fact, everyone who participates in the challenge or enters a contest can proudly call themselves a Billion Gallonaire.

the grant

The Billion Gallon Challenge is part of a program funded by a grant from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), administered by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). Through our partnership with the prime contractor, Proteus, we’ll be working with communities in the San Joaquin Valley in building a water-sustainable and drought-resistant future.

In addition to helping us understand how saving water also saves energy and reduces GHG emissions, the DWR grant will replace thousands of fixtures and appliances with ultra-efficient ones for eligible residents in the San Joaquin Valley, or as many as 4,500 washing machines, 100,000 faucet aerators, and 64,000 showerheads!

About Syzergy

Syzergy, Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing resource and environmental sustainability through education. Syzergy designed the Billion Gallon Challenge campaign to document the amount of water and energy saved and the GHG emissions reduced as well as to promote awareness of how they are linked.